Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training is specifically designed around you, whether it be for a specific fitness or athletic performance goal or post rehab. Our coaches are the most knowledgeable, caring and genuine trainers around. They continue to grow professionally to share their expertise with their clients so that they can help their clients succeed. Working one-on-one with a coach is a great choice when addressing things about your health and fitness that are unique and personal. Our job is to help facilitate your listening, thinking, learning, being aware and being responsible. We guide and steer you on a course, and are there to help you maintain your heading when sometimes life throws you curve balls. We also make it clear from the start of our relationship that YOU are ultimately responsible for your results. YOU have the power to have whatever body, fitness, health, and vitality you want! Our instruction focuses on movement techniques and skills, physical conditioning, and the development of healthy workout, eating habits, and self-discipline, so that after a period of time you’ve got the experience and confidence to do it on your own.


MO-U is designed for those who desire a training program aimed at specific athletic or fitness performance goals. These 10 personal training sessions will set you up with a program that you can continue on your own as a member or with further personal training. MO-U will emphasize training techniques, pace, and program progressions best suited for your level of ability, experience and fitness. It will also include the fundamentals of the CrossFit Foundations course so you can attend CF classes without purchasing the Foundations Course.


For a variety of reasons (or excuses), a majority of exercisers who begin a routine quickly give up and quit, usually because a). they don't know what to do, and/or b). they don't have a program they know and can follow. Through several weeks of MO-U we will increase your "staying power" by coaching you through your program, emphasizing variety and creativity, teaching you proper training techniques, encouraging you, and showing you how to record your routines and progress.