• Remove “I Can’t” From Your Vocabulary February 17, 2017

    You never know what the body can achieve if you keep asking "why" instead of "why not".


    You make take your protein, creatine, pre workout, etc.......but is your body getting what it needs for basic healthy living?

  • First Class Jitters February 08, 2017

    Are you interested in trying CrossFit for the first time? Not sure what to expect? Nervous? Don’t worry, so is everyone else!

  • My Fitness Pal and Your Dieting Goals January 16, 2017

    Is your diet ready for the end of the Winter Meltdown and the start of the Summer Shred?! Whether you are starting a new diet or simply trying to clean up your eating habits, you have most likely heard of the mobile app, MyFitnessPal. While healthy eating may seem like an uphill battle at times, do

  • Lifting Does Not Make you Bulky October 24, 2016

    Lifting makes me bulky I want to be long and lean I want to lose (insert number ) pounds I can’t find jeans to fit my butt I’m going light so I don’t Bulk Up Does this sound familiar? It does to me… I’ve been hearing a lot of this talk at MO lately. Lets get this straight!!!