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September 16, 2019

Fish Oil - What's The Hype!?

-Fish Oil-

Omega-3s. Omega-6s.

What's the hype behind these increasing in popularity buzzwords?
Good fats, bad fats, heart healthy fats.... What does it all mean? Well, first off, fats are actually essential for our bodies to thrive. They support joint health, nutrient absorption, healthy hormones, digestion, AND keep our hair, skin and nails looking fab!

So what are these omegas? They are both polyunsaturated fats that we must source from our diets because our bodies do not produce them naturally. Omega-3 = healthy fats that help reduce inflammation and improve joint health, found in salmon, flax seeds, walnuts, and fish oil supplements. Did you know that most Americans have a 20:1 ratio of the fats Omega 6 and Omega 3? Although both of these fats are good for you, the appropriate ratio is 2:1. Thanks to convenience and availability, our consumption of fried and processed foods, vegetable oils, and corn fed meat is high, resulting in the increased intake of Omega-6.

The great thing about Fish Oil is that it can help restore that proper ratio in our bodies by supplementing.

The type of fish oil you buy can be screened for its quality by asking a few simple questions:

Does it contain enough Omega 3? The recommendations for fish oil is 1,000mg because most softgells only contain approximately 300mg of Omega 3. The actual amount of Omega 3 Doctors want us to consume is 500mg. 

Is your fish oil purified in the process? Many fish oils are not screened for toxins, dioxins and PCB’s found in the fish. Find a brand that has third party screening for purity, quality and potency. We like Xendurance brand!

Is the fish used for your fish oil farm raised or wild caught? Wild caught is far superior because the fish have eaten what they are intended to, ensuring that they contain the fatty acids you are buying this fish oil for. Farm raised fish are not as clean because they are exposed to all the dioxins, and toxins in higher levels, as well as a lower quality diet.