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October 24, 2016

Lifting Does Not Make you Bulky

Lifting makes me bulky

I want to be long and lean

I want to lose  (insert number ) pounds

I can’t find jeans to fit my butt

I’m going light so I don’t Bulk Up


Does this sound familiar?  It does to me… I’ve been hearing a lot of this talk at MO lately.  Lets get this straight!!!  It takes effort, a lot of effort, for women to “bulk up” when they lift.  


Muscle is 5x more dense than fat.  This means that it takes up 5x less space on your frame.  It doesn’t mean that muscle weights more than fat.  5# is 5#.  What it does mean is that if you gain a pound of muscle and lose a pound of fat your weight doesn’t change BUT you will actually shrink in size.  That booty will tighten up and fit in those jeans a little better.


More muscle on a person’s frame is the best “fat burning friend” that you’ll ever have!  For every pound of muscle that you gain your body will burn 50-70 more calories per day.  If you were to gain 10 more pounds of muscle through a sensible fitness program then you would be burning 500-700more calories per day and be a fat shredding machine!  Now, gaining 10# of muscle doesn’t necessarily mean that the scale goes up and you go from150-160#.   It means that you have changed your body composition.   See the women in the picture.   They are all the same weight but their bodies look different and so are their jean sizes.  STEP OFF the scale!  Don’t be a slave to that number.  The only time I step on it is at the Dr.’s office.  I like to tell people to give it to someone they dislike and let it mess with their heads.


You can reshape your body but only through resistance exercise.  If you have a pear shaped body and you do cardio only for exercise and eat well you will get smaller but still look like a pear.  If you add weight training you can literally reshape your body.  You can shape your shoulders, your butt, your arms, your back, your chest and your legs.  Benefits to weight training?   I think so!


Still not convinced?  Ok then, lets look at the physiological reasons.  Increased energy, reduce your risk of heart disease, combat loss of bone mass and decrease risk of osteoporosis, stress relief!   Put it this way, why wouldn’t women lift?


Really people, lets just be honest with ourselves….if your pants are getting tight, its not the weight lifting that’s doing it,  it’s the wine and cupcakes .  


Get Strong, Get Fit, Get MO!