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October 14, 2019

Training Around An Injury

                                                                                            Training Around an Injury

Since high school, I have had numerous injuries- all of which have required surgery and have had recovery periods of longer than 2 months. Yet, throughout my various recoveries, I have maintained active. Many people have asked me how I've been able to manage so, I wanted to provide some tips that I have utilized.

Seek Help and Patience

The sooner that you obtain a professional's opinion- the better. With the given rehabilitation program, follow the protocol and stay patient! Let your body recover. If you rush the recovery, you may cause further damage and make the recovery process longer. Focus on the longevity of your body.


Change of Mindset

The body can achieve only what the mind believes. If you only focus on what you cannot do, you will be miserable.  Secondly, just keep moving!! If you let the injury hold you back from all exercise, then it'll make getting back into your normal routine much harder. Focus on the feelings that exercise brings instead of the things you've lost. Finally, stop comparing yourself to others. They are not going through your recovery. Be happy with your progress and solely focus on you.



No doubt you will feel negativity and sadness but, do not despair. Keep an open mind and stay positive. Accept the process and you will come out stronger and be appreciative of what you went through. Surround yourself with friends who care for you and keep coming to class- you may motivate others. Possibly take up journaling as another way to get out those negative feelings- it helped me!


- Coach Karina