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August 07, 2019

We Salute You!

Mo Fam!  I decided to make this post a kudos to all of you.  The Memorial Day Murph event, held this year on May 27th at Momentum, hosted two packed classes of CrossFitters and the general public, who came to pay respects to those who gave all in service of our country.  As an Iraq War Veteran, I was humbled during this event when I saw the turnout and the effort put into the Murph WOD by everyone who attended.  Every year, money is raised within our Momentum community and donated to groups who are on the front lines with veterans, guiding them through the struggles of returning from war, back to a community that oftentimes expects them to forget the traumatic events of operating within a war zone, and move on.  Our CrossFit community hosts this event every year as a symbolic gesture that communicates to veterans such as myself, that you are willing to carry the burdens of these memories with us, and that you are invested in us as community members.  This year we raised $750.00 for the Eau Claire County Veteran’s Service Office.  Let me tell you a little about what that money has gone to.

First, Adam Kohls from the Veteran Service Office told me about a World War II Veteran who had just passed away.  This veteran was still being housed in a funeral home because his family was unable to pay for their services.  Adam spoke with this funeral home about paying the bill so the WWII veteran’s sister could retrieve his body and give him a proper burial.  Two days ago, Adam received a letter from the family of this veteran.  They had received his body, and he was laid to rest July 12th, with full military honors, and a Twenty One Gun salute.  The family wanted Adam to know their appreciation for helping them through this difficult time.  In turn, Adam wanted the Momentum community to know he, and all veterans, salute you for backing up your appreciation to veterans through action.  A couple other things the VSO has done for veterans recently, and that some of the money donated by Momentum contributed to, were, two months of rent paid for a female veteran who had lost her job, and four days of a hotel stay paid for a veteran who was transitioning into a long term treatment program, but needed housing for a few days.

It makes me feel good to be able to share this news with you.  Too often it takes insurmountable crisis before anyone steps in to aid those that are primarily suffering because of their service to others.  Surviving from one crisis to the next is not a life.  This past Memorial Day Murph, the Momentum Community chose to trust in its community members, and did not need sensational stories to act.  You all chose to prevent the crisis, with no expectation of recognition in return.  There are seven Army values, each of which I see demonstrated by the individuals within our community, but the most impressive one of all, in a time when so many want accolades for minimal effort, is the Momentum Community’s commitment to selfless service.  I am proud to be a member of this community, and I have an immense amount of respect for each and every one of you!  Keep get’n Mo!!     

Written by Coach David Carlson