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June 16, 2019

Momentum at the Summer Showdown

Ten teams from Momentum competed in Hybrid Farm’s 2019 Summer Showdown this past weekend in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.  I was one of these participants, along with my competition partner, Jesse Mchune.  Also included were, Alicia Carlson and Doni Norberg, Jackie Barstad and Jen Thysen, Jim Bruer along with his teammate from Machine Shed, Thomas Sampson, Jenna Sparkman and Naly Moua Thor, Ava Pankratz and Josie Barstad, Andy Pankratz and Dean Gobrecht, Ashley Adams and Dawn Klonecki, Diane Wilken and Dennin Backstrom, and last but not least, Beckee Biasi and Carrie Gee.  All participants did an outstanding job, which was evidenced by our Momentum teams taking the podium in four of the five competition divisions.  Always one to look for the lessons taught from my experiences, here are some of the things I learned this past weekend.

First and foremost, Momentum has one tough community of athletes!  Our fellow Mo community members took center stage with a heavy thruster ladder, rep-ing their ways through six max effort minutes of hang cleans, bench press, and toes to rings, pounded the pavement carrying a sandbag, dragging a sled and finishing with a two-hundred meter sprint.  And that was just the beginning of the day.  Of all the amazing feats I saw accomplished on Saturday, the Showdown spotlight mention goes out to Ava and Josie.  These two competed in the scaled class against all adults, and took first in what I’d say was the most grueling event of the day: the sandbag, sled and sprint event. 

For those who don’t know, Ava is sixteen years old, and Josie is fifteen.  After completing five quick burpees, Ava began the event carrying the fifty pound sandbag on her shoulder, fifty meters down and back, falling a little behind the other teams who came out the gates at full sprint.  Josie completed the sandbag carry, maintaining a reasonable distance to the leading teams.  On the sled drag, both girls noticeably stepped up the speed, closing in on the others by the time Ava led out for the two hundred meter sprint—and a sprint it was.  After finishing her burpees, Ava stepped out from the start line with a wide stride, arms in motion, and head forward, revealing the team’s strategy from the beginning; they saved themselves for the final sprint!  As Ava ran back toward the start line, Josie stood with outstretched arm anticipating the final tag.  The closest competitor to Ava was now at least seventy-five meters behind as she blew through the start line, Josie, simultaneously diving straight back into her burpees without missing a beat.  If Ava’s sudden burst of speed on the final stretch was the crescendo, then Josie’s energized strides could only be called the encore!  Blasting through the finish line running on nothing but heart, Josie sealed the deal on a performance that was worthy of seasoned competitors—oh, and I forgot to mention, this was their first competition.  The lessons learned this weekend could all be taken from the examples Ava and Josie set:

  • Have a strategy and stick to it!  (Don’t allow the other team’s strategies to throw you off your game.)

  • Be a team!  (There will be setbacks and victories.  It’s easy to celebrate wins together, but it is more important to take collective responsibility when things don’t go as planned.)

  • Don’t be intimidated!  (The opponents may be more seasoned, stronger, faster, or intimidating, but don’t let them get into your head.  The only thing to worry about is putting forth your absolute effort.)

  • You’re not the only one suffering!  (When your heart rate is racing and you don’t know if you can finish a workout, remember, everyone is feeling the same pain.  Keep going.)

  • Have fun!  (The whole point of competing is to display the fitness that you work so hard for everyday.  It’s about your progress and no one else’s.)

This year’s Hybrid Farm Summer Showdown was the most enjoyable competition I can remember in quite a while.  The primary reason for that is I got to compete with a friend who knows how to be a great teammate.  Secondly, I got to do it surrounded by fellow members of my Mo community.  I look forward to future competitions with all of you!  Until then, keep get’n Mo! 

Written by Coach David Carlson