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May 13, 2019

Tips For Staying On Track While Traveling

We’ve all got crazy on- the go, non-stop schedules that we have figured out how to incorporate healthy eating and exercise. Now throw a wrench in that and hop on a plane, stay in a hotel or resort, eat foods that aren’t a part of your regular diet – be faced with all the things that can derail your fitness and nutrition plans. Now we’ve gotta put a little bit of thinking and extra effort into making sure it’s not all just thrown out the window while we are traveling.
I don’t know about you, but when I go different places I find myself thinking “go for it, enjoy yourself, YOLO.” Of course when you are in a different city or country you should enjoy yourself and experience the culture and the food. However it is not an excuse to fall completely off track and forget about the progress you have made. I don’t travel a ton, but I have figured out a few things along the way to keep me feeling good while traveling. It’s all about moderation and making smart choices! So I’m going to share a few tips to help keep you in check while exploring.

1. Keep Moving!
See what kind of gyms or Boxes are nearby – take an Uber if you don’t have a car! Dropping in at another Box is actually a lot of fun, and a cool t-shirt usually comes outta the deal too. If the gym isn’t an option, do a body weight WOD in your room (ask a coach for suggestions before you leave or check online) or go for a walk outside! You don’t need anything fancy to get that heart rate up and keep yourself moving. You will feel better if you do, trust me.

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!
Getting on a plane you are more likely to be dehyrated because of the decreased access to water. I get it, asking people to get up so you can use that tiny airplane bathroom can be annoying. But taking in at least 0.5oz of water per pound of body weight while you are traveling can help prevent bloating and keep that digestion in check!

3. Pack your snacks!
Packing your own snacks will allow you to keep up with your protein intake and enjoy something better than the less than desirable package of pretzels or peanuts the airlines give you. It can also help you keep spending down because you won’t have to pay for the over-priced snacks they sell at the airport. Some of my favorite snacks I like to bring along are : turkey jerky, 100 calorie almond packs, dried fruit (mango is my fav!), protein bars, single serving packs of peanut butter, and protein powder. Myth Buster: TSA will not confiscate your zip lock baggie of protein powder. It’s totally allowed domestic and international!

4. Make Smart Choices!
As I said before, you should enjoy yourself and the foods and drinks you come across while traveling. But maybe not for every meal. If you know you are going out to a fun place for dinner and really want to try that lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, try and make breakfast and lunch a little lighter, and focus on getting lean protein and veggies in. I absolutely love trying out local bakeries, so I will usually have a protein shake or protein coffee to go with the sweet roll that I find. If you are staying in a VRBO or AirBNB, take advantage of that kitchen and make yourself a few clean meals.

Don’t stress about staying completely on track while on vacation. Enjoy yourself. Have fun. Take it all in. That’s what life and exploring is all about!

Until next time,

-Coach Dawn