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May 25, 2018

Crossfit: Leave Your Ego At The Door

   Crossfit is not for those who can't bear to be bad at something. Seriously, if you're the one who quits when the going gets tough, this is not your sport, because even the best athletes here spend most of their time failing at stuff! 

   Often the most difficult people to please here are those intensely competitive people who don't like coming in last or NOT coming in first. I consider myself a borderline person when it comes to this - once I get kind of decent at something I WANT to be the best. Sometimes I get pissed off when I can't be first and that is when I tell myself to CTFO(Chill-The-F**k-Out) and do my best because you can't be first all the time, and it's ok to not be first all the time. A little defeat is healthy once in a while.

    This sport also rocks for the competitive person too because you get that competitive push when you need it! But be ready to get a lesson in humility, frequently. Beginners often have the roughest time if you come from an athletic background and you used to be good at your sport, or if you are someone who is used to just being good at everything. You come into of our first classes looking at all the other members around you thinking you should beat him or her because of "this" or "that" - only to find yourself lapped! 

   Wow, you were just served a slice of humble pie from your Crossfit workout! Self pity will get you no where if you want to get better. I am guilty of assuming I should be better than someone else because of one reason or another when I started Crossfitting 4 years ago. One of my first workouts I remember thinking I was going to crush the workout. But 5 minutes in I'm already seeing stars and I'm getting beat up by a 22lb Barbell that I could barely Snatch! 

   Newcomers, you have to realize this is a journey. Those people you are in class with, most of them have been doing this for years! That is a lot of hours conditioning their bodies to this kind of workout. The encouraging thing is if you put in the work - it will get better, you will get better. You just have to swallow that preconceived idea about how fit you think you are, put your head down and work, and be patient. We were all in your shoes when we started, so it's not like any of us give a rip if you struggle. We still struggle too- we just can lift a little more and go a little faster. Not only do your peers not care how far behind you are, we want you to get better, we cheer on your efforts because we know what it's like, because we went through the same thing. 

    Also, not everyone cares if you beat them, or they beat you. At least 50% of our members really just care about getting their sweat on, and challenging themselves no matter how fast they go. They are in it to compete against themselves or who they were yesterday, to work toward a better healthier self. These are the members you want to get to know because they tend to have the best mindsets. They will impress you with their mental toughness because they are least concerned with how everyone else is doing. They are purely there to push themselves for themselves. That is mental toughness right there. 

   Crossfit gives us a dose of tough love that can be hard to handle. But that's why we keep coming back. If it was easy, why would we do it?…you know I am right. ;) 

- Coach Jamie Bengtson