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December 21, 2017

Holiday Eating 101: Why One Day Won't Ruin Your Progress

I have seen it before glorified on “fitspo” accounts over the holidays - that person that sticks to their goals over that one day of christmas. They don't let themselves have that cookie, stay away from all those "bad carbs" or even go as far as to pack their own food so they don't "derail" all of their progress. That doesn't really sound awesome or even disciplined to me, that sounds obsessive and anxiety ridden over food. I am here to tell you that ONE DAY of non optimal eating will not ruin your body or your progress. 

Let's think about it a bit…Did you ever lose all of your strength from one day of not going to the gym? Or did your body forget how to burn calories because of one day you overate? One day of letting yourself have a little more sweets than normal or one more Christmas cocktail than normal is not going to ruin the last few months or weeks of work you have put in. It is the weeks leading up to, or after the Holidays that will derail your progress.  

You have got to be bonkers if you think one day denying yourself some of the treats you enjoy will make your life better or give you the body you want. It has not been the one day every month or so there is a holiday that gives you your body. It is the days before and after the holiday that affect our bodies. If that 1 day turns in to 2, and 2 turns into 7 days, that's when we see the weight gain and negative effects on our health. Just like exercising and eating healthy one day won't give you your "goal body", the same goes for one day of not great eating. 

So I say "enjoy that Christmas cookie and your Grandma's best cooking - I personally love my Grandma's Chex Mix! Have a glass of wine! Track your macros if you must, but don't obsess over the numbers. Here are a few tips to enjoy eating things you may not normally eat Christmas day and how to get back on track the day after:

* Drink enough water - It will curb super overeating and help you to not get that stomach ache.

* Don't OBSESS over what you're eating - Enjoy the food you like but eating with anxiety just because you tell yourself you will only be eating salad the next day is not the right approach. 

* Get back on track the next day! 

* Do NOT starve yourself the next day to “make up” for your diet the day before - Nurture your body with the correct nutrients that it missed out on the day before. 

* Don't skip breakfast - You will not be doing your family a favor being HANGRY on your drive over to your relatives house. 

* Positive self talk - Don't attach so much self worth to what you eat! Guilt does not make us treat our bodies better, in fact, it makes us treat it worse. Nourish your body because you love it. 

* Do some activity that day - Maybe it's going for a walk with your relatives, playing Hide&Seek with the kids, or helping wash the dishes with your Aunt. 

* Go to your nearest and/or dearest Crossfit gym and get your sweat on the next day! - Exercise helps metabolize all that excess energy stored in our liver that makes us sluggish! 

Peace on earth and goodwill towards yourSELF and your BODY this Holiday season! 

- Jamie Bengtson