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October 19, 2017

You Get What You Pay For

                                                                      You Get What You Pay For

We at Momentum value our members input to continue to evolve into a great gym and community.  This is why we send out surveys every quarter…to see where we can improve.  To those that reply, thank you!  Many of your responses we take to heart.  One area that continues to pop up every survey is our cost.  We get it, Momentum is an investment and we don’t look at that lightly.   There are reasons for our cost beyond just the overhead, nice equipment and upkeep of our facility. 

We are nothing like a traditional gym model.  A commercial gym bases their model on people signing up but not using their facilities on a regular basis.  In fact, they count on members not coming in.  If all of their members did come in they wouldn’t have enough equipment/space for them.   At Momentum, if you are a class member and we don’t see you for a week expect us to reach out to you to see where you’ve been.  We want you here!!

Our services are 2nd to none.  We are proud of the product we provide.  Our coaching and programming are without a doubt second to none.  Our coaches are always continuing their education to be the best that they can be.  We have weekly educational meetings, (coaches coaching coaches) as well as attend seminars from USAW, CrossFit , gymnastics , running, and nutrition to name a few.  Our coaches are able to scale all workouts safely and effectively for all our members.  Our programming is always evolving.  We have frequent meetings on this.  If you’ve never seen it, you should stop up stairs and see our programming template that we’ve developed and use to create the best workouts possible to help everyone reach their goals.

Atmosphere!  The community at Momentum is like no other I have been apart of.  The support that I see everyday from our coaches and from our members is amazing.  CrossFit is hard and it is not for everyone.  There is a group of like-minded people at Momentum who hold each other accountable through encouragement in a friendly competitive atmosphere. 

Let’s take a look at some numbers that make the price seem more manageable.

Here’s two common things that people will spend money on.

Coffee (or drink of choice) $4/day * 30 days = $120/month
Eating Out 18.2 meals * $10/meal = $182/month

Even if you only reduced these expenses by half, you would have made up enough money for a Momentum membership.  Now let’s look at some of the hidden costs that could await should you choose not to live a healthy lifestyle.

Hidden costs:

$44,820.00: Average cost for heart bypass surgery

$10,000: Average cost per year per person for treating complications related to diabetes.

$10,000/12 months = $833.33/month

$1,500.00: Average cost more per year obese patients pay for health care

$1500/12 months = $125/month

$147 Billion: Direct and Indirect costs America spends each year on obesity

$147,000,000,000/318,900,000 people = $1307.62 per year/12 months = $109/month

Yes, Momentum is considered expensive to some but the benefits far outweigh the cost.  Invest in yourself without guilt.  You only get one try at life.  There are no retakes so wouldn’t you rather pay the money now and have a strong healthy body to use your whole life?