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September 13, 2017

2017 Granite Games Recap

It is the first day after the Granite Games 2017.   I woke up this morning and stared at the ceiling, knowing that getting out of bed today was not going to be an easy task.  My energy level is non-existent, and I have a day full of catching up, after the long weekend.  As I lay here I think to myself, “why do I do this?”


Moments from the weekend suddenly begin replaying in my mind, almost as clearly as when they happened.  I see Alicia Traut’s face after I revealed that I volunteered her to fill in on a female intermediate team from Mexico.  She was less than impressed, to say the least.  I remember Jamie, Lexi and Emily (Beng More Jerks) attacking the assault bike for calories and shoulder to overhead workout with a vengeance.  This was arguably the hardest workout of the competition, yet Beng More Jerks grinded out an 18th place finish, leaving everything in the hockey arena.  Lexi literally pushed it to point of being sick and kept pushing.  From this team I also saw Jamie destroy the swim and run, sprinting the last 300 meters to the finish; and Emily, she pr’d her handstand walk with two ten foot lengths in the midst of an insanely fast paced workout.

Courtney Becker competed in the Women's Team of 3 Pro Division with the CrossFit Chippewa Falls team! She rocked the Muscle-up workout with 8 unbroken Ring Muscle Ups and tossed the Sandbag around like a rag doll. She was an athletic specimen on the workout floor!

Kelly Payne flew up the rope with a legless climb, Patrick swam 400 yards like a fish, and Troy gave it everything on the Huskie Stadium football field. 


Jesse biked 30 calories on the assault bike in 26 seconds, a faster time than I saw from even the professional athletes.  This set his team up to take 37th out of 136 teams in a workout that left every athlete crushed.  Isaac and Benji capitalized on their teammate’s efforts and kept the momentum driving through nothing less than iron will and intestinal fortitude.


Jim and I chased after Nate Bollinger as he was sprinting 120 yards with a 125-pound sandbag on his shoulders, in the Huskie’s stadium event.  We could barely keep up with him.


Reminiscent of Nate’s sprint, Doni Norberg did the same thing for her team, Body By Bacon, with a 75-pound sandbag on her shoulders.  Doni, Jen and Sam grinded out an amazing performance in the Huskie’s stadium.


All of these memories flooded my mind.  And then I thought of Alicia.  Alicia had never competed above the scaled level and now her debut to intermediate was on the Granite Games’ stage.  It is safe to say she was afraid.  The first day was rough for her team and Alicia took that personally.  But Saturday, she came back out and faced the challenge with a fury.  She contributed to her teams 37th place finish on the swim and run event.  And then to the astonishment of everyone, Alica’s team won the next event for the entire female intermediate division.  Alicia earned her place in that division, and she did it decisively with her team taking 22nd overall.


So why do I do it?  I do it because the other members at Momentum inspire me to be better.  I don’t mean just better physically.  I am pushed to succeed everyday because I know my Momentum family expects it of me.  They depend on me, and I depend on them.  The Granite Games was just a place to display what happens every day that I enter the doors of my box.  At Momentum we sweat together, we eat together, we laugh together, in some instances we cry together, and it is because we all have one thing in common: we don’t just want more out of life, every one of us is choosing daily to take everything good that life has to offer out of every second of every day.  We understand that being apart of our Momentum family empowers us to be better employees, leaders, parents, family members and competitors.  This family helps me to be a better person. 


I rise from my bed feeling invigorated, knowing that I am going to aggressively pursue every good thing this day has to offer, not because it is owed to me, but because I choose to earn it, day in and day out.  I will miss my Momentum family for the next couple days as my body heals, but I am encouraged because I know that right now at my box, there are others grinding with intensity, and loving every second of it.  And when I return, it will be as if not a day has passed.   

-David Carlson, Momentum Member/Athlete

Doni, Jen, and Samantha
Doni, Jen, and Samantha
Jesse, Issac, and Benji
Jesse, Isaac, and Benji
Jim, David, Nathan
Jim, David, and Nathan
Jamie, Lexi, and Emily
Jamie, Lexi, and Emily
KP, Troy, and Patrick
KP, Troy, and Patrick

SPC Warriors and Alicia

Our Director of Media - Coach Rachel ;D

Courtney, Becky, and Alison - CF Chippewa Falls