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May 18, 2017

Benefits of Creatine Monohydrate

Benefits of Creatine Monohydrate


  • Safe and easy to use

  • Performance improving capabilities for athletes in explosive sports

  • Useful for performance in endurance athletes

  • Aids in the building of lean muscle mass

  • 5-15% increase in strength and work capacity

  • Enhances overall quality of training in both long term and short term use of the product

  • Aids in muscle recovery, brain performance, and muscle fiber size

  • Best results found when taking it post exercise

  • If you follow the “loading” protocol, you may see improvements as soon as 24-72 hours after use (see article on Website)


What is Creatine monohydrate exactly?

Creatine monohydrate is known as a physiological sport ergogenic. In simple terms that means it is intended to enhance physical performance, stamina, and/or recovery. Now you’re thinking “Wait…this sounds like a steroid equivalent!”.

In fact, it is nothing of the sort. Creatine is found in the human body and 90% of the Creatine in our bodies is in the muscles. It is found in small amounts in things we eat such as animal proteins and produced in our liver and kidneys from amino acids – arginine, glycine, and methionine.

How does it work?

Creatine is the key player in the storage of ATP (the main energy substrate in our bodies) in our muscles. It helps our muscles produce energy for exercise, especially short burst, high intensity work. When our muscles run out of Creatine, they cannot replenish the ATP and our short term, high intensity energy systems poop out. The Creatine improves the performance of our energy sytems by supporting protein synthesis, which helps our muscles grow, and grow efficiently and effectively.

Well if we already have it in our bodies and we can get it from food, why do we need to supplement it?

The truth is, most of the small amount of Creatine in those animal proteins will be destroyed during the cooking process. You don’t have to supplement it, but if you do, it will help your body to get the most out of your workouts and recovery. It’s like taking a multivitamin for your organs to run properly to fill in the gaps your diet can’t cover. Same here, except the Creatine is filling that need for amino acids in our muscles. In order to promote muscle growth, it must saturate our muscles.

Ok, so I’m sold on supplementing myself with Creatine…now what?

It is very simple! You take 3-5gr/day(women) and 5gr/day(men) per day. To get the most out of your Creatine supplement, take every day whether you workout or not.  Just take it when you take any other supplements or a time that you will remember to take it. 

How will I know whether it is making a difference?

Perhaps you will notice a change in recovery time, feel better during a workout, hit a PR; but most likely the change won’t be huge right away. Although it can positively affect you as soon as 24 hours after use, the biggest indicator that you are taking the right amount is if you experience slight weight gain. You should be happy to see a slight uptick in weight because that means that the Creatine is working as intended. Creatine increases intra-cellular water concentration, so getting the right amount will increase the water in your muscles.

So that weight gain could be none if you’re gaining lean muscle mass and losing fat in the process. As we always say, the scale means absolutely NOTHING here when it comes to how you feel and how you perform. If your performance is increasing and you feel better, weight is irrelevant!

How do I take it?

It is best taken post workout in powder form that can be mixed with a liquid to encourage quick absorption. Mixing your Creatine powder with a product like Xendurance Fuel 5 fulfills that carbohydrate and liquid need in one! It can be mixed with protein powder or any other liquid works as well.  Some of it is lightly flavored, so it can be taken with just water. 

**Just make sure you are properly hydrating when supplementing Creatine due to the fact that it increases intra-cellular water concentration. Other than that, the side effects are none after full and various studies conducted over a long period of time.