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February 17, 2017

Remove “I Can’t” From Your Vocabulary

Remove “I Can’t” From Your Vocabulary

         I know this isn’t the ideal subject to write about, but I deal with it so much it’s on the top of my mind…. A lot.

            It is the idea of self-imposed constraints. What is this? It’s when you make a conscious decision that you cannot be any better at something, or that you absolutely cannot do something.

            There are a countless number of times in a day that I hear someone say “I Can’t”. Of course there is a percentage in this world that actually can’t, but that’s not who I’m talking about. What I am saying is that when you make a decision to give up. When you make a decision that’s the best you’ll ever be, that’s what really bothers me. The body is made to work, it is always training and if you don’t train it to be better you are just training it to be worse. My college coach once told me, “If you’re not progressing, you’re regressing”. From that day on I have lived by that quote.

            It’s the truth though, if you are sitting on the couch all the time you are training your body to be hell of efficient at sitting on the couch. If you are waking up every day and pushing to be better, you are training yourself to be better every day. Never give up on yourself! Sure, there will be things that you struggle with now or at some point, but that sure as hell doesn’t mean you won’t get better by working on it.

            If you want to have the best life you can… I mean truly have the best life you can, stop using “I Can’t” as a crutch. Do your best each day and do all you can do and see where it leads you.