Welcome to Momentum's 6-week Challenge

Momentum's 6-week Challenge

Focus on Lifestyle, Health, and Fitness! 

The ONLY thing standing between you and your GOAL is YOU!

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-Unlimited Classes- produce elite results by effectively combining weight training, gymnastics, and cardiovascular conditioning.  Everyday folks looking to improve their overall levels of fitness.  Training sessions are done at realitively high intensity and will focus on proper technique for all movements. To maximize results we suggest training 2-3 days in a row, followed by one day of rest. This ensures proper programming, progression, and recovery.

-Nutritional Guidance- Demystify nutrition. Keep it simple!

-Pre and Post InBody Assessments- To show you tangible results!

-Mobility Assessment- Keep you safe! Our first rule is to do no harm. A quick 10 minutes to learn of your health history and any limitations we should be aware of.

Each class will feature a warm up, skill/strength session, workout and cool down. We will provide in depth information aimed at improving your health and wellness while promoting fat loss. There will be two pre assessments done prior to the challenge beginning. A Mobility assessement to ensure the function of biomechanics to achieve normal motor function.  Inbody Assessment to gather data of the body measurement evaluation and body fat calculation. We will repeat the Inbody at the end of the 6-weeks so that you can see your results from all your hard work. 

We guarantee results!

Call us Today 715.955.4319 or email info@momentumsport.com.