Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.
  • Can I bring a friend to try a session with me?

    We love referrals! A friend of yours is a friend of ours. BUT, we prefer you let us know prior to their arrival so we can give a heads up to the coach. A mobility assessment is also preferred, so we have a knowledge of their health history and any "red flags" we should know about. Regardless, having them show up at least 10 minutes early to sign waiver and be given a tour is greatly apprecited!

  • How are appointments scheduled and on what days?

    Set up your complimentary intro session and meet with one of our coaches! Email
    One-on-one or small group are scheduled through your coach.  
    See our Schedule for class times the work for you.

  • How do I get started?

    Schedule a visit, meet with a coach, get registered and try a class!  Email us at or call us at (715 ) 955-4319 to schedule now!

  • How long is a session?

    Intro session - 30 minutes
    Classes - 60 minutes
    Personal Training session - 60 minutes

  • How often should I train?

    Twice a week minimum, but 3-5 times per week will bring vastly greater and faster results. We like to see our members find 3 consecutive days in a row follow by a rest day, 2 consecutive days, followed by a rest day. Here's an example:
    Monday - Workout
    Tuesday - Workout
    Wednesday - Workout
    Thursday - REST
    Friday - Workout 
    Saturday - Workout
    Sunday - REST

  • How often should I workout?

    That depends on several factors:

    • Exercise should be an enjoyable year-round lifelong part of you – whether it’s with Momentum or somewhere else - with consistency, timely breaks and variations in volumes and intensities depending on your specific goals, your fitness level and fitness needs. Some people exercise regularly without the help of others, while many need or prefer the accountability of a coach or a group to keep them motivated. At Momentum, we have both!

  • Should I eat or drink anything before a session?

    Minimize food intake less than an hour before exercise.  Give your stomach time to digest, but smaller snacks like raisins, bananas, or and apple will be fine.  Hydration is a must when starting a strength and conditioning program.  A good rule to remember would be you need to drink minimum of 1/2 your body weight in ounces to remain hydrated.  Example, 160 pound individual must drink 80 ounces of water per day minimum

  • What is MOFit?

    To be nerdy, it is constantly varied, functional movement, done at relatively high intensity. What that means in English is we do a bunch of different workouts, comprised of simple body-weight and free-weight movements, and we are pushing ourselves as hard as we want to or can on that day.

  • What kind of results should I expect?

    Expect the best kind! You will get out what you put in. You are one workout away from feeling better, sexier and going in the right direction! Generally, within a month you should experience improvements in energy level, body “firmness”, strength, power, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, agility, coordination, accuracy, balance, flexibility, and confidence. 

  • What should and shouldn’t I bring to a session?

    Intro Session - Come as you are. This is a 'No Sweat' intro with an Inbody assessment and Mobility assessment. We will also chat more indepth about your exercise history and goals you have in your fitness. If choosing to also workout, Awesome! We suggest you wear exercise gear – shorts or sweat pants, t-shirt, cross training or running shoes, a water bottle and a smile :)

  • What’s the purpose of Momentum University?

    We want every client to:
    1) Know how to train correctly and safely
    2) Get a positive start and learn how to use their training program
    3) Understand nutrition and how the body uses food for energy
    3) Avoid becoming a “phantom” member - one who pays dues but does not use it
    4) Get the absolute most from their program and ultimately the greatest results = success!

  • Will I be sore after my sessions?

    Our goal isn't to have you leave sore. To help with this, we scale each of our workouts to fit every individuals fitness level. Start with SWEAT; keep the volume and intenisty at a manable pace for you to learn and your body to adapt. Then progress to our FITNESS and eventually RX (if that's your goal). Most likely you will be sore after the first 3-4 sessions, but this will gradually subside as your body adapts to the movement in the program.  Being properly hydrated along with stretching will help the symptoms of DOMS (Deep Onset Muscle Soreness).

  • Will/Can I lose or gain weight with my program?

    Much depends on your goals and the program track you choose, but most depends on your training consistency, frequency, intensity, and nutrition habits (we have a nutrition resource for you). Our training will firm up your body and enable you to be more active on your own. Some clients report body weight changes and better fit of clothing and appearing “smaller”. This is due to the increased lean body mass and decrease in % body fat, which will increase your metabolism, enabling you to burn more calories.