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Our mission is to create a family of hardworking, humble, fitness minded people who kick ass into their 90's. We provide professional training services that educate, motivate, and prepare people for a lifestyle of fitness. With our unmatched combination of experience, expertise, and professional training, our staff is eager to prepare you for your best hour of your day and a high energy fitness level!

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Monday, October 19th

Today's WOD


50 Wallballs (20/14)
40 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)
30/24 Calorie Bike
20 Toes to Bar

Fitness – DB weight (40/25) and knee to chest/elbow for toes to bar
Sweat – Keep weight light for wallballs/db snatches and any modification of toes to bar




Front Squat + Back Squat

5 Supersets:
3 Front Squats
6 Back Squats

Rest as Needed Between Sets

Set 1: 50% 1RM Front Squat
Set 2: 53% 1RM Front Squat
Set 3: 56% 1RM Front Squat
Set 4: 59% 1RM Front Squat
Set 5: 62% 1RM Front Squat

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