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Thursday, July 19th

Today's WOD

Strength- 1 RM OH Squat
Set 1- 5 O.H Squats @50%
Set 2- 4 O.H Squats @60%
Set 3- 3 O.H Squats @75%
Set 4- 2 O.H Squats @80+ %
Set 5- 1 O.H Squat @ 90 + %
Use the reminder of the time to try to reach your heavy single for today

WOD- “Eye on the Prize”
15 min cap
Cal Row
O.H Squat ( 65 % of your established weight above)
Lateral Hops over the bar

Cal Row
O.H Squat ( 50 % of your established weight above)
Lateral hops over the bar

Cal Row
O.H Squat Barbell or Front Squat
Lateral Hops or step overs the bar

Performance care/ recovery
1 x through
Bent over with light plates
5 reps at each position, I, Y, T, W
20 banded pull aparts
Warm Up
3 x through
100 m row
5 Internal external rotation (With light plates )
Groiners x 5 each leg
Lateral Leg Abducted rocks x 5 each leg

WOD- “ She’s gone Crazy”
5 Rounds For Time ( 25 Minute Cap)
20 D.B Snatches 10/10
20 Wall Balls
40 Mt Climbers  
20 Cal Row

Ab Cash out
3 x
Side Plank with hip drop x 15 right
Side Plank with hip drop x 15 Left
Forward Plank hold for 45 seconds
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