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Tuesday, November 21st

Today's WOD


3 position Snatch (Floor, knee, above knee) - E90s - 6 sets - start @ 60% and build accordinly


Buy In: 30 HSPU (or seated DB Strict Press)                                


10 OH Lunges 95/65                        

5 C2B Pull-Ups                                                               

15 Abmat Situps                

Buy-Out: 30 HSPU (or seated DB Strict Press)


Strength: 15min EMOM

1) 5 Inch Worms w/Pushup

2) 10/10 Banded Trunk Twists

3) 10/10 1-leg Deads with KB


7min AMRAP                                  
14 Wallballs                                         
14 Lateral Hurdle Hops/steps     

 --Rest 90s--

7min AMRAP
14 4-Way Deadbugs     
14 Jumping Lunges    
--Rest 90s--

7min AMRAP
14 Pullups

14 Jump Squats


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